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Instructional Tools for Engagement: Home

Internet tools that teaching faculty can utilize


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Welcome to this instructional tools LibGuide. My name is William Ortiz and I am the instruction librarian at the Pfau Library.

Much of my career has been in education, particularly working with adults in alternative settings. These settings include continuation schools, adult schools, and county jails. The tools outlined here have served me well in engaging students of all backgrounds, and this guide is designed to help you achieve the same. 

Although it may seem that these tools are targeting a younger audience, they are surprisingly effective in many settings. Working with adults, it has become clear to me that they want to be engaged in instruction just as much as younger students. As such, they always appreciate activities such as these, and using these tools will make your content all the more effective and memorable. 

Enjoy, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Instruction Librarian