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Pro & Con: Controversial Topics: Finding Editorials

Finding material to support arguments for or against a hot topic can be difficult. Check here for recommended databases and web sites, plus targeted search strategies..

Why an Editorial?

Editorials, also called "Op-Ed" pieces (for opinion & editorial), express an opinion about a subject or take a stand, such a recommending a particular action.

Editorials are most commonly found in newspapers. Unlike regular news articles, which seek to inform or give facts, editorials don't pretend to be unbiased; their purpose is to persuade.

An easy way to find editorials is to choose one of our Newspaper Databases and to include the word editorial in your search. Other useful keywords are opinion and commentary.

So, if your subject was "assisted suicide," you could search using the keywords:

"assisted suicide" editorial

Recommended Newspaper Databases

Search Tips: Newsstand & Alt-Press Watch

Method 1, Using the Advanced Search:

  1. Click the link for "Advanced Search" (just below the main search box).
  2. Type your topic keywords into the boxes at the top of the form.
  3. Down below, under "Document Type," mark the option for "Editorial."
  4. Run your search.

Need to apply a date limit? Look for the "Date Range" option just below the search boxes.

Method 2, Using results screen options:

  1. Type your keywords into the basic search box and run the search.
  2. From your list of results, click on the "Document Type" option, in the left menu.
  3. You'll probably need to click "More Options."
  4. Mark the option for "Editorial."

Need to apply a date limit? Look for the date slider bar at left of the results.

You can also change the sort order from Relevance to publication date Most Recent First.