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Composition Studies: Books

Resources for composition & writing studies.

Relevant Call Numbers

Books in academic libraries are shelved in order by Library of Congress Call Number; the number is based on the book's subject.

Call Numbers starting with P focus on languages, linguistics, and literature.

Check these P call number ranges on the 4th Floor:

  • P 53.27 Second language writing.
  • P 118-118.75 Language acquisition.
  • P 301-301.5 Style, composition, rhetoric.
  • P 302 Discourse analysis.
  • P 1128 ESL/TESOL instruction.
  • P 1404 Writing instruction; includes writing centers.

More location information via the 4th Floor Map.

Call numbers starting with L focus on education (primarily K-12).

Check these call number ranges on the 5th Floor:

  • LB 1631 Teaching writing.
  • LC 3731 Multicultural and bilingual education.

More location information via the 5th Floor Map.

OneSearch: Books & Media CSUSB

Find books, videos, and other items from CSUSB in OneSearch:

Suggested Keywords

For writing labs, consider also: writing laboratories, writing centers

For TESOL, consider also: TESL, ESL, EFL, TEFL, second language

For writing, consider also: basic writing, academic writing, report writing, creative writing

For teaching, consider also: instruction, pedagogy

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