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Find Materials in Languages Other Than English: Articles: JSTOR

Tips for finding research materials in languages other than English.


Keyword: English or not?

In JSTOR, it's fine to use keywords in your target language, because JSTOR searches the full text of every article within it.

Ebooks too!

JSTOR includes a significant number of scholarly ebooks in Spanish, as well as some in Portuguese and French. 

Language Limits in JSTOR

JSTOR contains a significant number of articles in languages other than English, primarily Spanish and French.

In JSTOR, the best way to find articles in a target language is to use keywords in that language. JSTOR searches the complete text of every article it contains, so using Spanish keywords will likely find articles written in Spanish

However, you may also use JSTOR's Advanced Search screen, and select the Language limit.

Screenshoot of JSTOR Advanced Search screen showing Language limits.