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APA Formatting using MS Word 2010+: APA Basics of Paper Format

Provides instructions for overall APA paper appearance and how to use MS Word 2010+ to achieve that appearance.

Sample Pages of a Paper

Sample Pages of a Paper



sample page 2


sample page 3


sample page 4


Sample cover page APA paper

Formatting Your APA Paper

Below, find some brief information about how to format your paper using the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition, including the page numbers for more information. In addition, Purdue's OWL has a very good video.  However, if these instructions differ from those provided by your professor, follow your professor's instructions.  

Font:  12 pt. Times New Roman (p. 228)

Screen capture of MS Word's Home tab, Font option


Margins: 1 inch all around   (p. 229) with a 1/2-inch indent for a new paragraph (p. 229) 

Using Microsoft Word, Page Layout > Margins > Normal

Screen capture of MS Word's Page Layout tab, Margins option


Spacing: Double spaced (pp.171 & 229)

Page numbering: upper right corner (p. 230)

Cover Page: Includes the words "Running head" (which is different from page 2+)

See detailed instructions for Word 2010+

Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER             1


Your Name


Page 2 (first page of content)

TITLE OF YOUR PAPER             2


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