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Choosing a Topic: ANY TOPIC

Choosing a topic can be the hardest part of an assignment--make it easier! This guide gives you strategies you can use right away. #research paper, #topic, #subject, #assignment


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  • Ask your professor for suggestions and guidelines.
  • Look through current issues of newspapers, magazines, and journals either in print or online to see what catches your eye.
  • Take a look at some of the Selected Credible News Sources in our Fake News & Fact Checking Library Guide.
  • Watch television news, documentaries, or other factual shows to see if anything interests you.
  • Listen to 5-10 minutes of a National Public Radio news broadcast.
  • Use the CQ Researcher database (linked below) to see a long list of current topics.
  • Use the Newsbank database's Hot Topics feature.
  • Browse general news websites such as CNN and specialized news websites such as Science News.

Here is a database that specializes in lengthy reports on controversial topics.  Please note that while the reports have excellent information they are not scholarly journal articles.

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