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Choosing a Topic: INTRODUCTION

Choosing a topic can be the hardest part of an assignment--make it easier! This guide gives you strategies you can use right away. #research paper, #topic, #subject, #assignment


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     Choosing a topic for your paper, project, or presentation can be challenging.  This Library Guide will give you some strategies to try when:

  • You can choose any topic that relates to the content of the course.
  • You can choose any topic.

Please note that once you choose a topic you will almost certainly still need to narrow and refine it for best results.  See the Pfau Library’s Library Guide, Narrowing a Topic, for some help with this.


Sometimes students worry that they will be unable to find books or articles on a topic simply because it is unfamiliar to them.  Don't worry--get help from a librarian!  Usually, there are far more books and articles than you ever imagined.

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