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Social Explorer: Creating Tables

This guide will walk you through how to use the Social Explorer database to create both maps and tables.

Step 1.

a. Create a personal account in Social Explorer BEFORE you begin. This will allow you to save and share projects.

b. Select "Tables" in Social Explorer

c. Select your data source, then "Begin Report." Note: "More info" will take you to the data dictionary with more details about the data source.


Step 2.

a. From here, you will be prompted to select a geographic location. Note: To select more than one location, hold down the Option key. "Add" the geographies you want.

b. Click on "Proceed to Tables."

c. Select which tables/data you want to add. Note: To select more than one data point, hold down the Option key.

d. Click "Add," then "Show Results." Note: From here, you can also download an Excel or CSV file. You can also get a link to share the report.

*The table below shows U.S. Health Data from 2016 for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties after selecting the following tables: low birthweight, limited access to doctor due to costs, health insurance, years of potential life lost, mortality, and diet and exercise.

US Health Data for San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, 2016