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Social Explorer: Creating Maps

This guide will walk you through how to use the Social Explorer database to create both maps and tables.

Step 1.

a. Create a personal account in Social Explorer BEFORE you begin. This will allow you to save and share projects.

b. Select "Explore Maps" in Social Explorer, then select any map.

c. Select which data you want to display by clicking on "Change Data" on the top left. NOTE: From here you can browse by category or source or search for variables by keyword.

"Change Data" top left

Step 2.

a. Hover over the map to view the data associated with each area.

b. Depending on the data selected, you can change whether the data is displayed by state, county, census tract, etc., as well as whether you want your visualization to be displayed as a shaded area, bubbles, or dot density.

*The map below shows data for workers 16 and older (who did not work at home) who commuted 60-89 minutes to work each day. You can see that the data came from the American Community Survey (ACS) 2017.

Workers 16 and over: 60 to 89 minutes to work

Step 3.

Open the More Options menu (hamburger icon) to create reports, mask data, filter areas, edit layers, annotate your map, upload your own data, and more.

*You can see in the map below that I annotated my map with a marker labeled "CSUSB" and opted for a color satellite view.


Step 4.

From here, export your image, share it via a link, e-mail, or embed it (options on top right of screen).

If you want to do any of the above or save your visualization, be sure to log in to your personal account BEFORE you start working on your map (see step 1).

To save, click on "Save As" (on top right of screen).