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Scanning and Faxing: How to Scan to a USB drive

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NOTE: Many of the scanning options pictured here are the same for other destinations, such as Email or Google Drive.

Choose the USB option from the touchscreen.

Touchscreen options under "Select a Destination."

Insert your USB drive into the reader, which looks like half a golf ball!

A message appears onscreen prompting your to insert your USB drive.

Choose your scanning options. The default is Black & White, High Quality, PDF file, but you can select other options by touching them. 

Place your document face down on the scanner glass. Touch the Next button at the lower left  corner of the screen to continue.

The selected options are highlighted in blue.

Your document will will be scanned and a thumbnail of the scan will appear onscreen. You can delete it and go back if you need to re-scan. 

If you have additional pages to scan, put them on the glass now, and touch the green Scan button again. They will be added to your thumbnails.

When you have finished scanning, touch the Deliver button

The file will automatically be named "BookScan." If you want to change the name, touch it, then type over it using the letters on the screen. 

Touch any existing folder name to select it, or create a new folder.

Your USB drive's folders display on screen. Touch one to select it. Touch the filename to rename it.

When finished, touch the Transfer button at the lower left corner of the screen. You're done!

You have not written the file until you touch the "Transfer" button!

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