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Chicago Citation Guide, Author-Date and NB, 17E: Paper Formatting (NB)

A look at the two styles in The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition.

Printable PDF Guide

Tips to Check

  • If these instructions differ from your instructor's, follow their instructions.
  • Margins are 1-inch all around, at least.
  • Font is Times New Roman 12 or Courier 12, preferably.
  • Generally, the narrative, or body, of the paper is double spaced, thought there are exceptions for certain elements.
  • There is no pagination on the title page.
  • Pagination begins with 1 with the body of the paper.
  • The title and sub-title are centered, bold, and title case, 1/3 the way down the page (or 8 double-spaced carriage returns).
  • The word Bibliography is centered, bold, and in title case.
  • There are two blank carriage returns between the title Bibliography and the first citation.
  • The body of the paper begins with a tabbed paragraph indent and nothing else.

Instructions for Word formatting

Chicago style is primarily for publication, so does not include instructions for a students’ paper needs. These instructions are taken from A Manual for Writers, 9th edition by Kate L. Turabian as needed, which is very close to Chicago but with minor changes.



1.  Open Microsoft Word and under the Home tab, turn on visible formatting marks when you create this template.



2.  Check that your margins are 1 inch all around using Layout > Margins > Normal.






3.  Ctrl+A to highlight all and choose your font under the Home tab. If the instructor has not specified, a safe choice is Times New Roman 12.


4.  Ctrl+A > Home and set to double spacing.

5.  In the same drop-down, select Remove Space After Paragraph to remove additional space after each paragraph.





6.  Insert > Page Number > Format Page Numbers. Select radio button to "Start at," then type in the textbox the number 0.




7.  Insert > Page Number > Top of Page > Plain Number 3.




8.  Highlight page number and carriage in the header return and change font to your chosen font, in this guide, Times New Roman 12.


9.  Insert > Header > Edit Header > Different First Page [checkbox].  The result is that there is no pagination on the title page, but pagination that begins with number 1 with the body of the paper.


10. Double click in the body of the page to de-activate the header tab. On the unnumbered first page (the title page), place the title about 1/3 down the page, which is 8 carriage returns down double spaced.


11. On the 8th carriage return, type: Title of the Paper in Title Case. A sub-title may be included after a colon, a carriage return (<Enter>) and placed on the next line.


12. Highlight the title, and sub-title as necessary, and use Ctrl + E to center then Ctrl + B to bold.


13.  At the end of the title/sub-title, type 8 more carriage returns. Ctrl+B to remove the bold. Follow your instructor’s layout or use the following.


14. Type your name centered only, and hit <Enter>. Type the class number, such as Psychology 1001. Follow that with a colon, a space, and the name of the class in title case, such as Introduction to Psychology, and then hit <Enter>. Type the month without abbreviation in title case, the date, a comma, and the year that the paper is due.


15. Type <Enter> one time, then hit Ctrl + <Enter> to create a page break between the title page and the body of the paper. Do not hit <Enter> repeatedly to get to the next page.


16. With the cursor placed on the carriage return on the page following the title page, type Ctrl + L to send the carriage return back to the left-side margin. Tab to indent to begin a new paragraph, and start the paper’s body. Type: Body begins here.

17. Type <Enter> 1 time, then Ctrl + <Enter> to create a page break between the body and the bibliography.


18.  On the next page, which is the bibliography, type Ctrl + E to center, then type the word, Bibliography, in title case.


19. Type <Enter> 3 times, so there are two empty lines between the title and the first citation. Type Ctrl + L to send the last carriage return to the left-side margin.

20. Change the line spacing to single spaced under the Home tab, then type Ctrl+T to create a hanging indent for future typing of the citation. It will not seem to do anything.

21. Highlight the word “Bibliography,” and bold it using Ctrl+B.


You will never have to worry about the basics of

Chicago (NB) 17E/Turabian 9E student paper formatting.


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