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Information Visualization & Infographics: Information Visualization

What's the difference?

Information Visualization represents data (usually numerical or quantitative data) in a visual way. Basic examples include charts, tables, and graphs. 

Infographics communicate any kind of information in a visually appealing form. They may include multiple types of information, such as narrative text, pictures, or maps, as well as charts and graphs. 

Getting Started with Visualization

Check out this interactive table for help in defining and differentiating various types of visualizations to best meet your needs. 

You will see that the table breaks visualization into six types:

data visualization

information visualization

concept visualization

strategy visualization

metaphor visualization

compound visualization

More About Visualization

Welcome! Here's an example of information visualization...

Mountains out of molehills infographic

McCandless, David. (2015). Mountains Out of Molehills: A timeline of media-inflamed fears. Retrieved from