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About Our Current Library Instruction Program: Classrooms


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Both of our classrooms will become what the campus is calling Next Generation Smart Classrooms in the near future.  State-of-the-art audio-visual communication equipment uniquely suited for hybrid instruction will be installed.  The page linked above gives details of the equipment and also has a recorded demonstration given by campus IT.


View of PL-2005 from just inside the entrance.

PL-2005 has 22 computers that can be raised for use or lowered out of the way as needed.  There also is one adaptive technology workstation (behind the small table in the foreground), and of course, an instructor's workstation.

View of PL-2005 from the instructor's workstation.

This view is from the instructor's workstation.

View of PL-2005 from the very back looking towards the front.

This view is from the very back of the center aisle.  Two white boards, a projector, and a projection screen complete the current amenities.


View of PL-5005 from one of the instructor's workstations.

PL-5005 is a very large space capable of seating 40 that doubles as our multimedia center.  This view is from one of the instructor's workstation.  We also have a mobile instructor's workstation.

View of PL-5005 from the back of the space towards the front.

The furniture may be rearranged in many configurations to facilitate instruction.  The white tables all have wheels.

View of PL-5005 from the side looking towards the wall of windows.

We keep enough laptops on hand here in a charging station to accommodate classes.  In addition to the large projection screen, there are mobile whiteboards.

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