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Using the Printers: Introduction

Information and instructions on how to print from the public printers on the 1st floor of the library

Printing--How much does it cost, and how do I pay?


  • Black & white printing costs 15 cents per page; color 60 cents per page.
  • The printer does NOT accept cash.
  • You must use either your Coyote OneCard (student ID card) or a visitor card.
  • If you use your Coyote OneCard, you put money on it at a Value Port on the 1st floor near the Research Assistance Desk or in the Copy Room. Students can also add value using a credit/debit card.
  • If you don’t have a Coyote OneCard, buy a visitor card from the Value Port on the 1st floor near the Research Assistance Desk. You need a $1 bill to purchase the visitor card (the card costs 85 cents, your initial balance after purchase will be 15 cents).
  • The Value Port accepts ONLY bills--no coins!--and it does not give change. If you only have larger bills, there is a bill changer in the copy room on the 1st floor.

How do I print from my laptop or mobile device?

Library users may print from a personal laptop or mobile device to Library Printer 3 and the Library Color Printer. To do so, the laptop or device must be connected to the university wireless network (eduroam). There are two options:

  1. Users can go to, this option requires no setup. Instructions for printing.
  2. Users can add a printer to their laptop or an app to their mobile device, which does require setup. Instructions for setting up wireless printing.

Laptops checked out from the library are already set up for wireless printing.

How do I print double-sided?

After choosing to print a document, a print options box will appear. Select the option that indicates doubled sided. For instance, in Microsoft Word you would change “Print One Sided” to “Print on Both Sides.” In Word there are two “both sides” options, most people prefer “Flip pages on the long edge.” ​Some applications may have a "Two Sided" check box such as in the Chrome browser and others might have double sided printing options listed under printer properties, etc. The cost of printing double-sided is $.15 per printed side, therefore a double-sided print on one sheet of paper costs the same as two single-sided printed pages.

The printer took my money, but I didn’t get a printout. How do I get a refund?

  • A librarian at the Reference Desk may be able to reprint your document, but they cannot give you a cash refund.
  • Refund Request forms (beige) are in a plastic holder next to the print monitor on the 1st floor.
  • Fill out the form completely and give it to the librarian at the Research Assistance Desk or the staff at the Check-Out Desk.
  • Within two weeks, your card will be credited with the amount of money you lost.
  • If you have questions about your refund, use a campus phone to call x73714, or off-campus call 909-537-3714.