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PSYC 100 Alternative Research Requirement: Intro

Your Assignment

PSYC 100 students who elect not to enter the Psychology Department's subject pool for research studies are required to complete an alternative assignment for this course.

The alternative assignment asks you to locate 3 scholarly journal articles published within the last 6 months and write a 2-3 page report about each of them, reflecting on specific questions about the research conducted.

You must choose these articles from one of eight acceptable scholarly journals which are NOT available full text through a Google search. Therefore, you must use the Deep Web, which you have access to through the library. Your tuition pays for this access.

This guide will assist you in locating appropriate articles through the library's specialized databases. Here you will find video tutorials, links, lists, and instructions to help you complete this assignment.

5-Minute Videos about Research

If you're new to searching the library's databases, these brief tutorials will help you prepare your search.


If you're new to academic research, these videos will give you some background before you begin the process:

Library Frequently Asked Questions