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Introduction to CSUSB ScholarWorks: Home

An introduction to CSUSB's Open Access Institutional Repository.

What is an IR?

As Wikipedia puts it, "An institutional repository is an archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution." Institutional Repositories are widely used by universities and other institutions to to make scholarly works freely accessible.

A few examples of works appropriate for an IR:

  • Article preprints or postprints
  • Theses & dissertations
  • Conference presentations
  • White papers
  • Posters
  • Photo galleries
  • Video of performances
  • Open Educational Resources such as textbooks

Interested in participating?

If you would like to archive your scholarly publications in CSUSB ScholarWorks, you have two options.

You can upload files yourself, as described in the How-To section of this guide.

Or, you can send us your CV. We'll check on the copyright policies of your publishers, and we'll upload for you. Please be aware we may need to ask you for your "Accepted Manuscript" files!

What else can CSUSB ScholarWorks do?

ScholarWorks supports:

  • Open Access Journals publishing, including submissions and peer-reviewing
  • Conference Programs, with a variety of day & time formats; upload presentations too
  • Open Access Ebooks, including OERs

Ask us if you are interested in any of these!

What is CSUSB ScholarWorks?

In addition to preserving works created by members of the CSUSB community, ScholarWorks provides a platform for digitized collection materials from Pfau Library’s University Archives & Special Collections, including significant local publications or other historical or archival content.

Librarian Stacy Magedanz and Web Developer Claudia Tristan are the general administrators for our campus ScholarWorks site. 

Contact us at

Why post your publications in CSUSB ScholarWorks?

  • Expand the reach of your research without increasing your workload
  • Increase the impact of your work, with easy discoverability through GoogleScholar and other web searches
  • Track interest in your work through your author dashboard and monthly readership reports
  • Increase the longevity of your scholarship, with permanent URLs 
  • Showcase the work of your department or unit for prospective faculty and students
  • Promote equity of access to research and scholarship by moving your work out from behind paywalls whenever possible

What about copyright restrictions?

Many journal publishers now have "self-archiving" policies that allow authors to post a version of their article in an institutional repository.

Typically, this version is the "Accepted Manuscript," (AM) meaning, your manuscript version of article, post-peer-review, with all corrections and revisions made. Contrast this with the "Version of Record," (VOR) which is the final PDF as published at the journal's web site. 

Some publishers require a time delay before the AM can be posted, and others do not. Nearly all require a reference and link back to the VOR. 

CSUSB ScholarWorks administrators will check on the copyright status of your item, and include any necessary publisher acknowledgements, before clearing it to post.

If you're interested in your publisher's policies, check here:

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