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Introduction to CSUSB ScholarWorks: How-to Guide for Faculty

An introduction to CSUSB's Open Access Institutional Repository.

How it works

Archiving your scholarly publications in CSUSB ScholarWorks is easy! Think of it as two steps:

  1. Create your account (you only need to do this once!)
  2. Upload your document or other materials to your department's faculty publications area

GRAD STUDENTS SUBMITTING MASTERS THESES/PROJECTS OR DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS! Please see instead our Guide for ScholarWorks: Submitting your thesis, project, or dissertation

Create your account

In CSUSB ScholarWorks, click the My Account tab.

CSUSB ScholarWorks has tabs labeled Home, About, FAQ, and My Account.

You will be prompted to login. But first, you will need to sign up for a CSUSB ScholarWorks account.

TIP: Using your MyCoyote login will NOT work! 

Use the "Sign Up" link at the bottom of the login form.

Fill out the form that appears. You can use either your CSUSB email account or a personal email account.

DON'T create multiple ScholarWorks accounts with different email addresses! Your email address is what ScholarWorks uses to collate all your publications.

The Create Account form asks for your name, email, and a password that you choose.

When you click the Create Account button, you will get an Account Activation message, telling you to open your confirmation email:

An email with an account activation link has been sent to your email address.

Jump over to your email account and find the confirmation message. TIP: The sender will be and the subject will be Confirm Your Account

Open the message, and click the Confirm Account button, as shown here:

Once you confirm your account, you are ready to go.

TIP: Don't create multiple accounts with different email addresses! Internally, ScholarWorks collates an author's work based on their email address, which the system uses as a unique identifier. If you think you might already have a ScholarWorks account, use the "Forgot you password" option to reclaim the account. 

Upload your materials

In CSUSB ScholarWorks, navigate to area where your work should be posted. Typically that will be your department's section, in under Faculty Publications.

From the main page of ScholarWorks, under "Browse..." choose the link Department, Program, or Office.

ScholarWorks home page with "Department, Program, or Office" link highlighted.

Find your department on the list, and look for its "Faculty Publications" link.

Example showing Communication Studies Faculty Publications link.

Click the "Submit Research" link in the sidebar:

Look in the "Author Corner" section of the left sidebar for the "Submit Research" link.

You'll prompted to login to ScholarWorks if you haven't already.

Then you'll see the submission form. The only data fields that are required are Title, Author, Document Type, and Publication Date; everything else is optional. Use only the fields that are appropriate for your document type. For example, a book chapter would need the Book Title, Publisher, City, and Editor, but a journal article would not. 

You will automatically be listed as the author. To add a co-author, click the green plus mark. 

Use the green plus mark to add as many co-authors as needed.

TIP: If your co-author is also on CSUSB ScholarWorks, type their email address to automatically fill in their data.

Please, be sure to include an abstract and any keywords that may increase discoverability of your article!

At the bottom of the form is the option to upload your file. In most cases, you will be choosing a file from your own computer.

Options are to upload a file, import from remote site, or link out.

If you need to include supporting materials, such as spreadsheets, data files, or images, then check the option for additional files. You will have the opportunity to upload these after you submit your main file. All files will be collated together on a single record for easy access.

Click Submit, and you're done.

What happens next?

You'll get a confirmation email that your item has been submitted. The system will notify ScholarWorks administrators, who will review your submission for copyright compliance and for correct metadata. We may come back to you with questions, so please be patient!

Once your submission has been posted, the system will send you a notification email.