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Find Resources for Your Midterms or Finals: Popular Sources

This is the companion research guide for the "Find Resources for Your Finals" and "Find Resources for Your Midterms" workshops. Contains information on scholarly (peer reviewed) articles, popular sources, books, and statistics.

Many of the library's databases contain popular sources such as newspaper and magazine articles. You can also explore our national and international newspaper databases

Follow the instructions below to locate free popular sources on the web, but make sure you think critically about your source: always evaluate the source! 

What Exactly is a Popular Source?

This 4-minute video explains how and why popular and scholarly sources are different.

Finding Free Online Sources through Google

When using Google, you can view news, images, and videos:

Google search bar: news, videos, books, and more

As with a database search, try different search terms!

Again, always evaluate your source before you choose to use it. 

*Note that although many popular sources will be free on Google, you will be confronted with ads galore. 

Duck Duck Go: A Good Google Alternative

You can do the same types of searches using Duck Duck Go, which prioritizes user privacy:

Duck Duck Go indigenous history search

As with a database search, try different search terms!