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Find Resources for Your Midterms or Finals: Books

This is the companion research guide for the "Find Resources for Your Finals" and "Find Resources for Your Midterms" workshops. Contains information on scholarly (peer reviewed) articles, popular sources, books, and statistics.

During Campus Closure: How to Request a Print Book from the Pfau Library

  1. Type your keywords into the OneSearch database, then click Books & Media (CSUSB).
    A title search for Mammoth Hunters in OneSearch.
  2. Sign in to OneSearch (My Library Account).  The link is in the blue menu bar at the top right.
    The sign in link.
  3. Click on the title of the book you want.
    In the results list, each title is a link to further information about the item.
  4. If you signed in, you should see a Request link next to the location information. Click it.
    (NOTE: If you signed in but you don't see a request link, then the item cannot be requested.)

    The "request" link displays above the book's location information.
  5. Any information on the form is optional. Click REQUEST to submit the form. 
  6. The form includes some optional fields, but you only need to click REQUEST to submit it.

You will receive a confirmation message that your request has been submitted. 

You are limited to 5 requests per day.

How to Request a Book From Another CSU Library

If you don't find the book you need at this library, you can request a book owned by another CSU library. Use the CSU+ request option. 
Follow the directions in our guide, Get Books from Other CSU Libraries.

Where to Pick Up Your Items

Lockers are located just inside the unlocked outer doors at the north entrance to the library.

The north entrance faces the mountains and the Center for Global Innovation. The nearest parking is in Lot N.

Lockers A, B, and C side by side in the north entry vestibule of Pfau Library.

Locker Keypad and Instructions


Close up view of the locker keypad.


  1. Go to Locker # indicated in the email.
  2. Tap in Locker Code. Note: The keypads are very sensitive, you may have to type in the code more than once for it to register.
  3. Tap the key marked “ZEPHYR”
  4. Turn the knob to open the locker.

Where to Return Your Items

Return books & DVDs in our Book Return Drop Boxes. There is a drive-up book drop box at the University Parkway entrance to campus. Find it in the turnaround, across from the flagpoles.

Ebooks: Using OneSearch

The quickest way to find ebooks is to use OneSearch, which is the biggest, broadest search Pfau Library offers. 

Make sure you choose the scope "Books & Media (CSUSB)."

OneSearch text box with search options expanded

Once you have some results on your screen, look under "Refine my results." 

Choose the options "Full-text online" and "Books."

Refine my results options Full-text online and Books highlighted.

Apply the filters, and all of your results will be ebooks.

Quick Video Tutorials