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Find Resources for Your Midterms or Finals: Getting Research Help

This is the companion research guide for the "Find Resources for Your Finals" and "Find Resources for Your Midterms" workshops. Contains information on scholarly (peer reviewed) articles, popular sources, books, and statistics.


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Direct link: How to Get Online Research Help

CSUSB librarians will be working from home to provide the services below:

Ask a Librarian

  • Live chat with a CSUSB librarian.
  • Email or text a CSUSB librarian (909-542-8990).
  • After hours, use the 24/7 option for live chat with a non-CSUSB librarian.

Ask a Librarian and Research Appointments buttons.

Look for these buttons on our website, or use the links given here.

Research Appointments

  • Virtual appointments with CSUSB librarians via Zoom.