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NURS 4222 (Schultz) - Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice: Types of Articles

Original Research

Original Research uses a methodology (quantitative or qualitative) to generate new knowledge or to validate existing knowledge based on a theory.


  • Involve systematic, scientific inquiry to answer research questions or to test hypotheses using structured methods
  • Collect and analyze data AND interpret results and outcomes
  • Provide study results and discuss how the research contributes to the body of knowledge

Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) uses the best clinical evidence available to make patient care decisions that incorporates clinical expertise and patient preferences.


  • Translate the available research to drive change in clinical settings
  • Doesn’t develop new knowledge or validate existing knowledge
  • Utilize evidence from systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and established evidence-based guidelines


Quality Improvement (QI)

Quality Improvement (QI) uses a systematic, data-guided approach to improve processes or outcomes.


  • Present how well an area is performing in relation to an accepted standard, strategize how to meet/exceed that standard, and monitor a site’s ongoing processes
  • Focus is on improving patient outcomes
  • Produce site specific results that aren’t intended to be applied elsewhere or as best evidence