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TA 2131: Fundamentals of Stage Design (Professor Andre Harrington): Act 1: Stage Design Resources

Resources for Spring 2022

Act 1, Scene 1

To find books on set design, use OneSearch.  It's on the front page of our website as well as below.

Sample keywords:

  • stage design
  • theater scenery
  • set design
  • theater sets

Stage Directions

Want to see ebooks only? Use OneSearch's limiters:

Select the limiters for "Full-text online" and "Books"

Act 1, Scene 2

If you have something specific in mind, for example, a particular style of interior design or architecture, try searches like these:

  • interior design victorian
  • architecture classical

And if you just need books with lots of pictures or photos of your topic do this:

  • pictorial black history
  • pictorial new york
  • pictorial fashion

More Stage Directions

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