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Using Interlibrary Loan Services: While Searching Any Library Database

If you need a book or an article that’s not available in this library, we usually can get it for you through Interlibrary Loan. This is a free service for current CSUSB students, faculty, and staff.


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Interlibrary Loan services help you get items that our library does not have. OneSearch and the library's other databases make it easy to find Interlibrary Loan options while you are doing your research.

To submit Interlibrary Loan requests when not searching a database, see the next tab of this guide.


Look for links like these in your list of OneSearch results, and click them to see available options.

Request from other CSU libraries (CSU+)

Request this item from other libraries

Pro Tip! If you are searching one of the library's other databases and don't see full text, look for the Search for Full Text button to check for your item in OneSearch.

Bright blue button with magnifying glass and text "Search for Full Text"

Next, sign in, which allows the Interlibrary Loan options to appear.

Please sign in to see request options and place requests.

If the item is an article, you can quickly check Google Scholar for a free copy.

Check for a free version in Google Scholar. If you don't find a free version, sign in to use our request option.

If you don't find the full text of your article, click the Request It button to get a digital copy through Interlibrary Loan. 

Request a digital copy. Delivery estimated in 24 hours, by email. REQUEST IT

On the next screen, click Send to submit the form and place your request.

If the item is a book, you can request the entire book (physical copy) or up to two of its chapters (PDFs).  Click the Request It button for your choice.

There are two request options, one for a physical copy of a book, and the other for a digital copy of a single book chapter.

On the next screen, click Send (physical book) or tell us which book chapter you need on the form, then click Send to submit the form and place your request.

HINT: Many books will have a list of their chapters like the example below.  Some have page numbers and different authors for different chapters, but some don't.  Tell us as much as you can on the form about the chapter so we can get the right one for you.

Screen capture of the "Content" field from a book record, showing chapter titles and numbers.

Please understand that we cannot digitize an entire physical book and send you a PDF file! If you need more than two chapters of a book, request delivery of the physical book instead. 

When your article or book chapter is ready to download, or when your physical book is ready to pick up, we will notify you by email. The email will include a link to download your PDF, or other information about where to pick up your book.

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