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Tests & Measures: Introduction

Help identifying and finding tests and measures.

Getting Information about a Test

From the Buros Institute, Mental Measurements Yearbook is a library database that contains information on and critical reviews of educational, personality, aptitude, achievement, and intelligence tests, plus listings of tests and measures currently in print.

MMY does not contain the full-text of the test or measure.

NOTE: Limited to 4 simultaneous users.

Finding Tests and Measures

Published Tests

Published tests and measures are available for purchase from a publisher.

Tests are valuable commodities as researchers invest many hours in developing and refining their tests and measures, creating a large body of knowledge about their use (reliability and validity data, for example). As valuable commodities, researchers offer their tests and measures for sale through publishers.

See the tab "Buying a Test" for help identifying and finding tests you can purchase from the publisher.

Unpublished Tests

Unpublished tests, paradoxically, refer to tests that are not available for sale via publishers. That is, unpublished in this context refers to tests which were probably published, just not for sale.

Unpublished tests and measures are published in journal articles, books, dissertations - in a variety of places.

See the tab "Getting a Test for Free" to hunt down these free tests.

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