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Tests & Measures: Buying a Test

Help identifying and finding tests and measures.

Consumer Alert!

Be prepared to spend some money to purchase a test! Prices run from $25 to $100 or more for a single test.

Find the Publisher's Contact Information

If you know the exact title of the test, a quick way to find the publisher's contact information is to do a Google search using the title of the test. Otherwise, you can check these sources:

Note: these books don't have tests in them; they list and describe tests and give you contact information for the publisher.


 The Educational Testing Service's TestLink contains a test collection.

To purchase a test from a publisher:

  1. On the Basic Search screen, type a test title or a topic and press the Enter key.
  2. At the results list, click on the test title to see more information about the test.
  3. Look for the field called "Availability."
  4. If you see the publisher's name and address, you can order the test for purchase.
  5. NOTE: you may see a citation to a journal or a TC call number, in which case, you could get it for free. Ask a librarian!

To purchase a downloadable test:

  1. On the Advanced Search screen, type a test title or a topic.
  2. On the next line, change the drop-down box to "Order Information"
  3. Type the word downloadable in the search box.
  4. All the results can be downloaded from the ETS database.
  5. Cost for download: approximately $25.

Buyer Beware...

You can get the downloadable tests for the years 1987-2004 on microfiche for free.