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RN to BSN: Evidence-Based Care Sheets

A guide for new RN to BSN students with comprehensive survival information.

CINAHL's Evidence-Based Care Sheets Search

While in CINAHL, look at the top menu for the link "Evidence-Based Care Sheets."

top menu of CINAHL


Ebscohost Support describes Evidence-Based Care Sheets (EBCS) as "summaries on specific key topics, which are focused on nursing practice. Each evidence-based care sheet incorporates the latest evidence, statistics, research and references on a given topic. The references are ranked, using a coding matrix, according to the type of literature they represent (systematic reviews, meta-analysis, etc)."  You may search the EBCS using the search box (shown below).

search bar used to browse in CINAHL


Below is an example of an EBCS as found in CINAHL.

A sample evidence-based care sheet

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