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Using the ST ViewScan Digital Microform Scanner: Viewing Documents: Basic Image Adjustments

Describes the basics of using the ST ViewScan digital microform scanner located on the 4th floor, behind the elevators. Thanks to Chris Clarke, Claremont Colleges Library, for the template to this guide.

Inverting the Image

1. When looking at images of your document on the screen, you may notice that it appears as a film negative with a black background and white text. 

Screenshot of film negative with black background 

2. To flip this image, click on the Positive Negative icon on the top menu bar (far right).

Select the Browse Tab from the menu to flip 

3. By clicking this icon, you will switch the image to the more traditional white background with black text. 

Note: You can also use the Positive Negative icon to view regular images as a negative (black background with white text).


Flipping/Rotating the Image

Occasionally, the image on the document will appear backwards or flipped. This can happen if the microfilm or fiche was placed into the reader in the wrong direction.  Rather than removing the film and resetting it, the ViewScan program enables you to make adjustments to position the image correctly.

Under the Browse tab choose Roatate Left or Rotate Right

1. There are a series of controls available on the ViewScan menu bar to adjust the direction of the image on the screen. These would be the Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Flip Vertical, and Mirror Image Controls.  

2. If the image is simply upside down or backwards, the easiest controls to fix this situation would be the Flip Vertical or Mirror Image

3. If the image is lying on its side, you can use the Rotate Left or Rotate Right controls to fix it.  These controls will rotate the image 90 degrees, in the direction indicated.


Straightening the Image

If the image is a little crooked on the screen it can be straightened using the Straighten tool. 

1. To use this tool, first click on the Straighten tool image on the top menu bar.

Under the Browse tab choose the Straighten button 

2. On the pull-down menu that appears, select Straighten Image.

When choosing the Straighten button there are options to Straighten or Reset 

3. Once you select Straighten Image a crosshair will appear. Use the crosshair to draw a blue line along a straight edge. You draw this line by clicking at one location along the straight edge to start the line. Then, move the crosshair to a different point on the same straight edge and click again, creating the line's end point. You should now have a blue line similar to the one shown below.

Example of a scanned page after straightening it


4. After you have finished drawing the line, the ViewScan program will automatically straighten the image according to this line.