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Using the ST ViewScan Digital Microform Scanner: Viewing Documents: Fine Tuning

Describes the basics of using the ST ViewScan digital microform scanner located on the 4th floor, behind the elevators. Thanks to Chris Clarke, Claremont Colleges Library, for the template to this guide.

Focusing Controls

Under the Browse tab choose Focus in or Focus out to make object less blurry

1. If the image appears blurry on the screen, you can use the focusing controls on the ViewScan menu bar to sharpen the focus of the image. 

2. You may need to toggle between the Focus In and Focus Out controls to achieve the desired clarity in the text.

Adjust Image Controls

Under the Broswe tab choose the Auto Adjust button to focus the object better

1. If the image is still difficult to read after using the focusing controls, you can adjust the image further by clicking on the Auto Adjust icon on the menu bar.

2. For manual control options, you can select Adjust Light Levels and Manual Adjust.The Manual Adjust window allows you to control the Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpen levels that you feel are best for viewing your document.

Choosing Manual Adjust allows the Settings to be controlled by the user

Zooming In/Out Controls

Under the Cropping tab choosing the Magnify button enlarges the object

1. You can increase or decrease the size of the image by using the Zoom In and Zoom Out Controls. This method will make use of the camera's optics to increase or decrease the size of the image, thereby, giving you a better image than simply using the magnifying controls. 

2. To increase the size of the image, use the Zoom In option. To decrease the size of the image, use the Zoom Out option.

3. You will have re-focus the image after using either zoom option.

Magnifying the Image

Screenshot of the menu bar

1. You can also use the Magnify controls to increase the size of the image. This method uses computer software to increase the size; therefore, it will not provide as accurate an image as using the zoom controls. First, select the Cropping tab in the menu bar, and then Magnify. 

Under the Cropping tab there will be a button labeled Magnify

2. Once you click on Magnify, a pull down menu will appear with a slider control on the left side. Simply drag the slider to the desired level of magnification.

Once the Magnify button is selected use the slider to adjust accordingly