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Zoom Video Conferencing at CSUSB: First Time Users

Basic information to get you started using Zoom.


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     Zoom makes real-time video, audio, and computer screen sharing possible on most any kind of device from smartphones to desktop computers.  It is free for all CSUSB students, staff, and faculty.  Users can participate in meetings and schedule meetings of their own.  Zoom also can make recordings of online meetings.


     The Zoom software or app will automatically be installed on your device when you join your first meeting.  You will see a pop-up window which tells you that the application file has downloaded, and instructs you to double click to proceed.  PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your exact device (computer, smartphone, etc.) the pop-up windows may look different than these examples.


Screenshot: Zoom launcher downloading.


When you double click, you will see another pop-up window that asks if you want to open the application.


Screenshot: Are you sure you want to open it?


If you prefer to download it before you join your first meeting, use the link below.


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