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Zoom Video Conferencing at CSUSB: You Have Joined a Meeting--NOW WHAT?

Basic information to get you started using Zoom.


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     Please be aware that, depending on the available bandwidth of your personal internet connection, during a Zoom session you may see a message pop up that says your internet connection is unstable.  Sometimes your screen may freeze for a second or two.  Also, audio may either slow down or cut out briefly from time to time.

Here are a couple of the attendee controls to get you started.  For more detailed information, click the link below.

Mute icon in Zoom.

Frequently, attendees will all be muted when joining a meeting.  In order to be able to speak, you must click the Mute control.  Also, if you and your friend are talking just to each other while attending a Zoom meeting, use the Mute control.

Chat icon in Zoom.

The Chat control toggles a sidebar that allows you to chat with everyone in the meeting or the person of your choice.


     Want more? Try the various online tutorials from the Zoom company or the in-person trainings available from CSUSB's ITS department.

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