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COMM 6000 - Introduction to Graduate Study (Prof. Thomas Corrigan): Workshops

A course guide for COMM 6000


The Pfau Library offers a variety of workshops that can help you learn skills for your assignment. See the library's workshop calendar for dates and times and to register. While registering is preferable, it is not mandatory, so please attend.  Some useful workshops for COMM 600/605 include:

  • APA Autobahn: APA Reference List Explained

A 25-minute session explaining the formatting of the most common types of APA reference list citations, including a book, an article, an essay, and a Web page.

  • APA Autobahn: In-Text Citations Explained

A 25-minute session explaining the formatting of the most common types of APA in-text citations, including multiple authors, no author, citing someone being used by someone else, and the use of et al.

  • APA Autobahn: Step-by-Step Paper Formatting

A 25-minute session demonstrating the use of Microsoft Word to create the perfect APA paper template for all your papers. Walk away with the exact steps and the knowledge of how to do it yourself.

  • Writing Academically

A 50-minute session covering Microsoft Word, common grammar mistakes, style and diction, and differences in writing between disciplines.

  • Zotero

A 90-minute session explaining the free Zotero plug-in for several browsers. With Zotero, you can easily capture both the citation and available full-text from a database, insert in-text citations into your paper, and add a reference list  or change citation styles with a single click, a. Zotero is academically life changing, so don't miss this workshop.


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