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COMM 6000 - Introduction to Graduate Study (Prof. Thomas Corrigan): Collecting Citations

A course guide for COMM 6000

Icons and Saving Citations

In your Zotero My Library, highlight the collection or sub-collection (folder) you want the citations and files saved to.

In a database or online site, click the Zotero capture icon in the browser. Most commonly it will be the article icon, the Web page icon, or the book icon. It might be a yellow folder icon for list views. 

Zotero capture icons.

When you click the Zotero icon, you will see the citation(s) and available full text being saved in a box in the lower right-hand corner of the browser.

screen capture of citations being saved to Zotero

The citations will now appear in the middle panel of the Zotero screen in the highlighted folder.

screen capture of middle panel's saved citations

Currently, sensing works in most library-provided databases, including full-text capturing if the PDF is available directly from database you are searching. Non-library databases can work as well, such as PubMed and, among others. Citing information for Web pages should be confirmed thoroughly.

Capturing a Web Page

When working with a useful Web page you wish to cite, you can use the Zotero Web page icon to capture it. However, the citation capture may be incomplete or incorrect because there is no citation data that Zotero can "sense." After capturing the Web page, go into Zotero's third panel to correct it.

red circle around the Zotero Web page icon




Below, highlighted in blue, is Zotero's attempt to capture a Web page citation. Looking to the right, notice important fields that are empty. Review the Web site and try to find the information that Zotero couldn't "sense" and complete those fields by clicking on the empty areas. The most important fields to fill in are the ones needed for a correct citation. Author is important; Abstract is less important because it is not used in a citation. 

Below the blue-highlighted citation is an icon with a page and a camera (circled in red). This is the "snapshot" icon. Zotero, in trying to capture the citation, has also captured the full-text of the Web page for you to review. Double-click the snapshot icon to view the captured full text.

screen shot of new item captured from Web page and put in Zotero

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