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Gender and Sexuality Studies: Articles & Journals

Resources for gender and sexuality studies research.


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Database Search Tips

Use keywords, or important words describing each aspect of your topic. For example, if your topic is masculinity's influence on parenting styles:

masculinity parenting

It's always a good idea to think of synonyms for your keywords, just in case your original search doesn't yield many results. For example, you might try:

gender fatherhood

In fact, language surrounding gender and sexuality has changed over time, so it's worth searching for a variety of terms that express your topic, even if the terms might be too broad, too narrow, outdated, or not inclusive. 

For example, if you are researching queer women, you might also try searching:



bisexual women

Use quotations around words you want to search together, or as a phrase. For example: 

"symbolic violence"


"compulsory heterosexuality"

Finally, use an asterisk * after a root word if you want to search for its variant endings. For example:

homosex* will retrieve homosexual, homosexuals, and homosexuality

Suggested Databases

These databases are good starting points for scholarly articles, magazine and newspaper articles, and more. 

Scholarly Journal Articles and Peer Review

Nearly all of the library's databases contain many articles from scholarly journals; also called peer-reviewedrefereed, or academic journals. When you do a search, look for an option (usually a check box) to limit your search to this type of material. 

For more on the peer review process, check out the video below:

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