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Is it an Article, a Book, or a Chapter in a Book? Identifying Citations: Test Yourself!

No matter what style manual you are following (APA, MLA, etc.), you will need to learn how to recognize the three basic types of citations. #citations #bibliography #article #book #chapter


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     Try to correctly identify the citations below.  The answers are on the next page.


1. Fiske, A. P. (1991). Structures of social life: The four elementary forms of human relations: Communal sharing, authority ranking, equality matching, market pricing. New York, NY, US: Free Press.

2. DeCesare, N. , Smucker, T. , Garrott, R. , & Gude, J. (2014). Moose status and management in montana. Alces, 50, 35.

3. Hamilton, D. (2015). Chaucer's moose. The Chaucer Review, 49 (3), 378-386.

4. Kahn, P. J., Ruckert, J. H., & Hasbach, P. H. (2012). A nature language. In P. J. Kahn, P. H. Hasbach, P. J. Kahn, P. H. Hasbach (Eds.) , Ecopsychology: Science, totems, and the technological species (pp. 55-77). Cambridge, MA, US: MIT Press.

5. Trbolova, A. , Gionfriddo, J. , & Ghaffari, M. (2012). Results of schirmer tear test in clinically normal llamas (lama glama). Veterinary Ophthalmology, 15 (6), 383-385.


1. Crossman, M. K., & Kazdin, A. E. (2015). Animal visitation programs in colleges and universities: An efficient model for reducing student stress. In A. H. Fine, A. H. Fine (Eds.) , Handbook on animal-assisted therapy: Foundations and guidelines for animal-assisted interventions (4th ed.) (pp. 333-337). San Diego, CA, US: Elsevier Academic Press.

2. Lenarz, M. , Nelson, M. , Schrage, M. , & Edwards, A. (2009). Temperature mediated moose survival in northeastern minnesota. Journal of Wildlife Management, 73 (4), 503-510.

3. Flannery, K. , Marcus, J. , & Reynolds, R. (1989). The Flocks of the Wamani : A Study of Llama Herders on the Punas of Ayacucho, Peru. San Diego: Academic Press.

4. Bianchi, C. , Meikle, A. , Alvarez, M. , Benavente, M. , Cavilla, M. , et al. (2013). Oestrogen, progesterone and oxytocin receptors and cox‐2 expression in endometrial biopsy samples from the induction of ovulation to luteolysis in llamas (lama glama). Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 48 (4), 681-690.

5. Siegal, M., & Peterson, C. C. (2001). Breaking the mold: A fresh look at children's understanding of questions about lies and mistakes. In R. Bull, R. Bull (Eds.) , Children and the law: The essential readings (pp. 189-222). Malden: Blackwell Publishing.

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