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Is it an Article, a Book, or a Chapter in a Book? Identifying Citations: Introduction

No matter what style manual you are following (APA, MLA, etc.), you will need to learn how to recognize the three basic types of citations. #citations #bibliography #article #book #chapter


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Is it a Journal Article, a Book, or a Chapter in a Book?


     How can you tell if an item is a journal article, a book, or a chapter in a book with an editor instead of an author just by looking at a citation or reference?  No matter which style manual you are using (APA, Chicago, MLA), you will need to be able to recognize what kind of resource you are citing.  This guide will make it easier for you.  For each of these three items, it identifies the individual elements that make up the citations, then goes on to give you real life examples of their appearance in database searches.  For books and chapters in a book with an editor instead of an author, it also gives photos showing where to find citation elements on the printed items.

     The APA, MLA, & Chicago Side-by-Side pages will show you all three citation styles for the same item.

     Citations can also be for other kinds of items such as interviews, movies, tweets, etc., but journal articles, books, and chapters in books are the most common.



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