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Maximize Your Full Text!: Full Text Found But Requires Extra Step

Having a difficult time finding full text for the articles you want? You need this Library Guide! #articles #full text


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     You clicked on the database link and all you see a list of journal issues.  Now what?

In this example, you have two choices to get the full text of the article shown below.

Citation for an article.

 1. Use keywords from the title of your article to run a search (top red arrow).

 2. Click on the volume and issue number (left red arrow) that match your article (underlined in red above) to see the table of contents for that issue.

List of journal issues with a search box.

3. Once you are looking at the table of contents for the matching issue, find your article.  Here, it is the third one on the list.  Click the PDF icon.

Journal issue table of contents.

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