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Maximize Your Full Text!: Introduction

Having a difficult time finding full text for the articles you want? You need this Library Guide! #articles #full text

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The word, "Introduction."

     THE PFAU LIBRARY'S deep web (the collection of databases we pay a lot of money for) contains more than 150 databases. Your very first step in maximizing your full text is to use the databases on our website, not the Internet.  Doing so automatically makes you eligible to use the enormous amount of full text materials we have already paid for.

     To help you easily find full text articles no matter which database they are in, there is a special, automatic system that checks everything we have, even things in print.  It is called Search for Full Text or SFX.  Here is an image of the SFX button:

Search for full text button

This button will appear throughout our databases wherever it is needed in order to find full text.

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The Video Version of This Guide

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