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SOC 4900: Crime, Desistance, and Reentry (Prof. Annika Anderson): Uniform Crime Report

This guide will help you complete your assignments for SOC 4900. Thank you to Lorena O'English (Washington State University) for sharing this guide template and much of the content.

Uniform Crime Report

Magic Formula!

Computing Crimes per Population Unit:              


# crimes * population unit (i.e. 1000)


# total population

To Equal:

Crimes per population unit (pop. unit should be appropriate for the population size)

Be sure to include the statistic measured and the population unit used in the answer, e.g. 13 violent crimes per 1000 population [people] at CSUSB

Part 1 Crimes:

Violent Crimes         +          Property Crimes

Murder                                 Burglary

Rape                                    Larceny-Theft

Robbery                               Motor Vehicle Theft

Aggrav. Assault                    Arson


Human Trafficking, Commercial Sex Acts

Human Trafficking, Involuntary Servitude


There are 20 Part II crimes

National Incident-Based Reporting System