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SOC 4900: Crime, Desistance, and Reentry (Prof. Annika Anderson): Visual Sociology

This guide will help you complete your assignments for SOC 4900. Thank you to Lorena O'English (Washington State University) for sharing this guide template and much of the content.

About Visual Sociology

Visual sociology aims to study the visual products (advertisements, art, news footage, film, etc.) produced by a culture or group. In essence, it is image-based sociology. For example, scholars have analyzed this cover of Vogue:

LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen on the cover of Vogue

Leibovitz, A. (2008). Cover Photo. On Vogue, April 2008. New York: Condé Nast Publications.


They have explored how such an image reproduces the racial and gender themes of this earlier image:

King Kong movie poster

King Kong. (1933). Film Poster. Retrieved from


For more on these images, see Race and the King Kong Motif (Sharp, 2008)



More Resources

Citing Visuals in Your Work

If you use an image or video clip/still in your work, you will need to cite it. Citation requirements may vary by the style guide you are using. Check out the "Citing & Writing" page in this guide for more on citation.