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Linking to Library Resources: Searches

Instructors, do you want to use library materials in your courses? Here's how!

Link to Search Results

You can link to the results from a particular search, in order to give your students a selection of possible articles. 

Link to a search in OneSearch

Example: OneSearch CSUSB Books & Media search for: police shootings, limited to Full text online

  1. In OneSearch, run any desired search, in any scope.
  2. When the results list appears, copy the URL found in the "Location" or "Address" box on your Web browser. Paste this URL into your Web page.

To link to a specific record: Click the item's title to display the full record. Click the Permalink icon, then copy the URL provided.

Link to an Article Search in EBSCOhost-platform Databases

Example: Search in EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier for: capital punishment and discrimination (limited to peer-reviewed, full-text journals only)

  1. Go into any of our EBSCOhost databases.
  2. Run a search. You can apply any search limits you wish (full text, peer-reviewed, etc.)
  3. At the top of the results page, click the Share option.
  4. Look for the Permalink. Paste it into your Web page. This URL will already contain the library's proxy prefix.