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My Library Account: Tool Bar and Menus

The many features of My Library Account explained--renewals, paying fines online, and more. #mylibrary #renew #renewals #fees


Colorful, decorative horizontal line.



The first section of the top toolbar in OneSearch.  Each item listed and explained below.

1. New Search

Begins a new basic search.

2. Journals List

All our journals grouped by discipline. Searchable.

3. Library Databases

All of our databases grouped by discipline and alphabetical by title.

4. Citation Finder

Enter a citation for an article or book to see if we have what you need.

5. Course Reserves List

The current list of textbooks both print and online available from the library..

6. Interlibrary Loan Request

          Place requests for books or articles the CSUSB libraries don't have if you sign in to My Library Account.

Second part of toolbar in OneSearch.  Each item listed and explained below.

7.  QR Code Icon

Get a QR code for, or copy a link to, the screen you are viewing.

8. Pin Icon

When you are signed in, toggles between your list of favorites (saved items) and the current search.

9. Sign In

Sign in to My Library Account with your normal campus login to save favorites and much more.

10. Menu (changes to your name when you are signed in)

When you are not signed in to My Library Account, clicking the small arrow next to Menu displays a drop down menu with three choices.  You can choose a Display Language (English, Spanish, or Chinese), go to My Library Account, view your Saved items, or view your Search history for the current session.

Not signed in to My Library Account.  The drop-down menu showing the 4 items listed and explained above.          Signed in to My Library Account.  The expanded drop-down menu showing the 2 additional items listed and explained below.

          When you are signed in to My Library account, your name will appear at the top of the drop-down menu you get when you click the small arrow next to Menu and under My Library Account, you now have two new items: My Loans (everything you have checked out from the CSUSB libraries) and My Requests (any books or articles you requested from other libraries), and also a Sign out button in the upper right corner.


Click My Library Account in the drop-down menu to go to your account where you will see the following.

Numbered detail of the Account Overview screen.

1.  Overview

The Account Overview screen is the home page for your account.  The Overview link takes you there.

2.  Loans

This is library speak for any physical item you have checked out from the library (books, Course Reserves, DVDs, laptops, etc.).  View a list of currently checked-out items with their due dates and renew them online.  Most items will renew once automatically.  Renewals are limited for some items and not available at all for others.  You also can view a list of items you checked out and returned.

3.  Requests

Here you will see any Pfau Library physical books or media you have requested for pickup, also any items you have ordered via Interlibrary Loan (physical books, digital articles).  Once an Interlibrary loan request for a physical book is filled and checked out to you, it will appear under Loans along with its due date.  HINT: Whenever the Pfau Library doesn't have the article or book you need, we may be able to get it from another library.

4.  Fines + Fees

View any fines or fees you may have incurred and pay them online.

5.  Blocks + Messages

View any blocks on your library account or any messages sent to you from the library.

6.  Personal Details

Your contact information.

Colorful, decorative horizontal line.