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My Library Account: Loans & Requests

The many features of My Library Account explained--renewals, paying fines online, and more. #mylibrary #renew #renewals #fees


Colorful, decorative horizontal line.

LOANS = Anything you have checked out (borrowed) from the library: books, media, equipment, etc.

REQUESTS = Items you requested for pickup from lockers or the Library Service Desk + items you requested that are coming from other libraries.


Loans menu: active, previous, historic.

Under Loans, you can view the list of all physical items you currently have checked out (Active loans) with due dates or the list of physical items you checked out and returned (Previous and historic loans).

Here's an example of just one Active loan item showing part of the book's title, the author's name, the due date, floor location, and call number:

Entry for a book that is checked out.

Wondering how to return something? Read How can I return books, media, or other items I have checked out?

Clicking the Renew link on the right will renew just that one item.  This option will not be available for items that have no renewals or that have already had the maximum number of renewals.


Loans menus: sort by, renew all, pin, etc.

1.  Sort By

Three ways to sort your lists:

  • Due date - newest
  • Due date - oldest
  • Title

2.  Renew All

Only renews eligible items.  Due dates for items that cannot be renewed will remain the same.

3.  Add This Item

Save an item to a separate list of favorites.

4.  "Push to" Actions

Select one or more items from your list by clicking in the corresponding boxes, then choose email, print, or export RIS (for some citation software).

5. Expand All Items

See complete information for all items on the list.  Expand individual items with the single arrows on the right hand side.


Under Requests you can view any Pfau Library physical books or media you requested for pickup; items you requested from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan (physical books or digital articles).  Physical books ready for pick up will be so noted.  Digital articles will be available to download via a link for 30 days. 

Once you have picked up a requested book, it will disappear from your Requests tab and move to the Loans tab. 

Colorful, decorative horizontal line.