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My Library Account: Fines + Fees and Blocks

The many features of My Library Account explained--renewals, paying fines online, and more. #mylibrary #renew #renewals #fees


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The option to pay fines or fees online is only available to anyone with an active library account.

How are fines or fees calculated?  See the Overdue and Lost or Damaged Fees section of our Check-Out Policies page.

Please note that the online payment system does not allow partial payments.



If you owe $50 or more in fines or fees, a block will be placed on your library account.  This means that you will be unable to check anything out.  This is different from a hold which is when a freeze in placed on your student records.



Most of the time, if the library needs to send you a message it will be via email.  In case there is a problem with your email as well as your phone number when we need to contact you, a message may appear here.

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