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My Library Account: Saving Things & More

The many features of My Library Account explained--renewals, paying fines online, and more. #mylibrary #renew #renewals #fees


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     Here is how to save individual items and searches when using OneSearch.  Saved items may be viewed from within OneSearch or My Library Account.


Next to each item you find in a search, you will see these icons.

Icons for email, citation, saving, etc. functions.

1.  Email

Use any valid email address to send the record for an item.  The subject line will always say:

Research result(s) sent by OneSearch

2.  Citation

Automatically cite an item in APA, MLA, or Chicago.

3.  Add this item

Clicking the pin icon saves the record for an item to a list of favorites.

View your favorites in the same way whether you are in OneSearch or My Library Account; be certain you are signed in.  In the upper right hand corner of the dark blue top toolbar, click on the pin icon next to your name:

Pin icon next to your name.

On the next screen, in the top left hand corner, you will see:

My favorites: Saved Records, Saved Searches, Search History

Select an item in your Saved Records list by clicking in its checkbox.  Click the pencil icon to attach your own labels to that item.  Click the slashed pin icon to remove a selected item.  Click the three dots to: Export to Excel, E-mail, Print, or Export RIS a selected item.

4.  Show actions options

Clicking the dotted icon opens a pop up window with email, print, permalink, export RIS (for some citation software), and citation controls.

Permalink shows you a link you can copy and paste that will always take you back to the item.  Here's an example:

Copy the permalink to clipboard.


The first step is to run one or more searches.  Then do one of these actions:

While viewing your search results, click the Save query icon.

Save query icon.


 Click on the Go to search history icon in the top tool bar.

Search history icon.

Two of the searches in this sample search history may look the same, but they are actually different.  Although the keywords are the same (animal intelligence language), one searched Articles, while the other one searched Books & Media (CSUSB).  The third search adds an additional keyword (parrots) to further narrow the search.

3 variations on a search that can be saved.

Click in the box next to 3 search queries to save all three searches, or click in individual boxes.  Then click the Add this search icon.

Add this search.

To return to searching, click on the Go to search icon in the top tool bar.

Go to search

To view saved searches, follow the steps under number 3. Add this Item, but click on Saved Searches.

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