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Art & Design Resources: Art Education

Your guide to resources that can make researching in the visual arts easier. (Originally written by Heather Lowe of the Visual Resource Center.)

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Teaching and Lesson Planning Tools


Library books at CSUSB are cataloged with Library of Congress Subject Headings. To explore items catalogued under the subject of art history, you may want to use terms for stylistic periods (Renaissance, Fauvism), artist names, and the term art history. For items specifically on the teaching of art, try art--study and teaching.

Though the online catalog is a great tool, sometimes it's helpful to go and browse the resources in the library. Art history and education are huge topics. In fact, all books with a call number starting with N are about some topic in the visual arts. If you go to the library, you might want to start in the following call number ranges: N 70’s to N 100’s, especially N 85, and also N 350's.


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