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Using the ST ViewScan II Microform Scanner

Describes the basics of using the ST ViewScan II microform scanner located on the 4th floor, behind the elevators.

Starting the ViewScan Program

  1. In order to view your film/fiche, you will need to open the ViewScan program.
  • If you are at the desktop, click on the ViewScan Premium icon.

Blue ViewScan Premium desktop icon

  •  If you are at the ST Imaging splash screen, click anywhere on the image and that will take you to the mode selection screen where you can select the     mode best suited for you. NOTE: Not all options discussed in this guide are available in every mode; use Advanced Mode for all available options.

Mode selection screen listing simple, standard, and advanced modes


  1. Once the ViewScan program opens, it should look similar to the image shown below.

Black and white text displayed in ViewScan program

  1. Through the program's left and top menu bars, you will be able to adjust the image on the screen. Every reel of microfilm is different, so you will want to resize your film image whenever you begin a new reel. Use the left menu bar to make the following adjustments:
  • Click anywhere on the microfilm image (the default cursor is a magnifying glass). The on-screen image may appear to shrink, displaying the exact image as seen through the machine's optical lens, or the “Full Frame.” This entire area will be scanned if you use the Capture Full Frame scanning option at the bottom of the screen.

Capture full frame icon in bottom left corner of screen

  • You may need to make basic adjustments or Zoom In/Out to fit the image within the Full Frame. For most newspapers, you will be trying to fit one complete page into the Full Frame. For documents with smaller pages, you may want to fit two into the Full Frame.

Zoom out black mountain icon, zoom in flower icon, focus out red icon, focus in green icon