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Using the ST ViewScan II Microform Scanner

Describes the basics of using the ST ViewScan II microform scanner located on the 4th floor, behind the elevators.

Scanning Documents

Once you have located your document and have adjusted the image quality appropriately, you can now scan using two different methods. You can scan the entire image that appears on the screen or you can select a portion of the image and scan and save that selection.

Scanning the Entire Screen

  1. To scan the entire image, click on the Capture Full Frame button located on the lower left portion of the screen.

Capture full frame icon in bottom left corner of screen

  1. Once you have clicked Capture Full Frame, the computer will conduct a scan of the visible area of the document. Once complete, a small thumbnail picture of the scanned image will appear in the Image Bin, which can be found in the lower portion of the ViewScan screen.


 Thumbnail picture in bin on lower right portion of screen

  1. You can view a copy of the image you scanned by clicking on the thumbnail image.

Enlarged thumbnail in window labeled captured review.

  1. If the scanned image does not look how you expected, see Starting the ViewScan Program.
  2. To save your image, you will need to follow the steps in Save, Export, Email, or Burn.



Scanning Selections from the Image

  1. If you only want to scan a portion or portions of the image, you will need to switch ViewScan to Cropping mode. You do this by clicking on the Cropping tab on the upper toolbar.

Cropping tab on upper toolbar

  1. Once ViewScan is in Cropping mode, you can select the area of the image you want by using the cross-hair/cursor to draw a box around the desired area.

Gold cropping box around area of a scanned item

  • NOTE: It is possible to select more than one image area by creating additional boxes.

Gold boxes around multiple areas of scanned item

  • You may also use the Subtraction Tool to prevent areas of the image from being captured. Select this icon from the left tool bar and create a box around the area you wish not to be captured.

Subtraction tool icon contains partial red box and black subtraction sign

  • For example, the blank area in the image below was created with the Subtraction Tool by drawing a box in the middle of the image.

Blank rectangle in middle of scanned item

  1. Once you have selected the desired area(s) with the selection tool, you can create a scan of the desired areas by clicking the Capture Cropped Area button.

Capture cropped area icon on bottom left of screen

  • NOTE: If you choose not to scan the areas you have cropped, simply select Clear Selections on the left tool bar.

Clear sections icon contains gestural lines arranged in circular pattern

  1. Once you have clicked Capture Cropped Area, the computer will scan the desired area(s). When complete, a small thumbnail picture of the scanned image will appear in the Image Bin.

Thumbnail picture in  bin on bottom right of screen

  1. You can view a copy of the image you scanned by clicking on the thumbnail image.

Enlarged thumbnail in window labeled captured item review.

  1. To save your image, see Save, Export, Email, or Burn. 


Cruise Control for Microfilm

The Cruise Control option allows you to scan a number of consecutive images or the entire roll of microfilm. NOTE: Make sure you have correctly focused an image before you begin. For instructions on focusing, see Focusing Controls. Unfortunately, Cruise Control only works for film that has a well-defined black border around each page. 


  1. Select the Cruise Control icon on the left tool bar.

Cruise control icon is a camera with green horizontal arrows pointing left and right

  1. You will now see a window that displays your current image. On the left side of the window, you can change the image resolution and the number of images you would like to scan. Select All Images if you want to capture the entire roll, or select the circle next to Specific Image Count. By doing so, you can then specify the number of images to scan.

Contains drop-down menu to adjust resolution and menu used to specify number to scan.


  1. Next, select Auto Threshold at the bottom left of the window. This allows the scanner to detect when a new page is in the frame. You may also refine the settings by sliding the threshold bar left and right.

Horiztonal auto threshold bar at bottom of Cruise Control window. Ciickable auto threshold button at bottom left of window.


  1. Now, hit Start. You will see a window that tells you how many images have been captured and the approximate time remaining.

Cruise Control progress window showing time and items remaining.


  1. Once your images have been scanned, you can view them in the Image Bin at the bottom of the screen.

Thumbnail  in  bin at bottom of screen