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Using the ST ViewScan II Microform Scanner

Describes the basics of using the ST ViewScan II microform scanner located on the 4th floor, behind the elevators.

Advancing the Microfilm

There are three ways to advance the microfilm.

  1. Use the motor controls on the physical viewer. The red buttons allow for fast forward and reverse, and the gray buttons allow for a slower forward and reverse.


Red and gray motor controls at base of microform viewer's face


  1. You can also use the virtual motor controls that appear at the bottom of the screen. They function in the same way as the physical controls.


Gray and red virtual motor controls displayed near bottom of screen


  • You can hide or display the virtual motor controls by selecting the Motor Controls icon on the left menu bar.

 Motor control icon is a page of text with green arrows to its left and right

  1. Finally, you can advance the film by hand. Gently turn the take up reel to the right to fine-tune the placement of the film. 

Human hand turning take up reel clockwise


Rapid Advance for Microfilm

  1. If you would like to advance or reverse the microfilm a specific number of images, you can use the Rapid Advance button on the left toolbar. NOTE: Before using Rapid Advance, make sure you have made the images detectable in Cruise Control. For directions, see Cruise Control for Microfilm. Unfortunately, Rapid Advance only works for film that has a well-defined black border around each page. 


 Rapid advance icon is picture of page of text with green horiztontal arrows on either side

  1. Next, you will see a window that lists your current page number. If you wish to advance or reverse the microfilm starting from the page that is on your screen, make sure the current page is set at 1. You can reset the page number by clicking on Reset Page.


Cruise control-rapid advance window displaying current page number. Underneath is clickable option to reset page.


  1. Now you can select the page you want to go to. For example, if you want to advance from page 1 to page 25, enter 25 in Go To Page.


Box is labeled rapid advance and provides option to pick page number you wish to see.


  1. At any point, you can stop the film from advancing or reversing by clicking on Stop Advancing. You can also adjust the speed at which the film moves by adjusting the Motor Speed at the bottom of the window.

Cruise control-rapid advance window displaying current page number.